UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number 850-85
Violence Prevention at UC Riverside
Policy Owner: Executive Vice Chancellor/Provost
Effective Date: 10/27/98 (updated 11/2007)
The policy of the University of California, Riverside is a Zero Tolerance Standard with regard to threats and violent behavior in the workplace. Specifically prohibited are: threats and/or violent behavior, whether direct, indirect, implied, or actual conduct from any person, including faculty, staff, students and members of the public. This type of conduct is prohibited at any UCR facility, or in connection with the conduct of UCR business without regard to location.
This policy applies to every member of the UCR community. Any employee or student who has engaged in threats or violence against co-workers, students, or any person in connection with UCR business will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment/dismissal from school.
The objectives of this policy are:
To prevent workplace violence through training and early detection.
To provide a protocol for the prompt handling of all workplace threats and violent behavior. To ensure that UCR is in conformance with Title 8, California Code of Regulations, General Industry Safety Orders, and all mandates regarding the prevention of violence in the workplace.
  1. Emergency Procedures:
When members of the University community, including students, faculty or staff, believe that the actions and statements of an individual constitutes an imminent danger or threat to health and safety, they should immediately notify the Police.
If you are dialing from a campus telephone, phone 911, UCR Police
If you are dialing from pay telephones, charge-a-card phones or from off campus, phone 911
  1. Non-Emergency Procedures:
    1. All threatening comments and violent behaviors are to be taken seriously and investigated. Threats should not be dismissed as "idle threats," "just blowing off steam," or "just a joke." Such comments, actions, and violent behavior must be immediately reported to the next-in-line supervisor or academic administrator who is not a party to the alleged violation, or to a Prevention of Workplace Violence Team Member (see Section C).
    2. The supervisor, manager, academic administrator or person in a position of authority who receives a report of a potential violation should assess the situation and take one or more of the following actions:
      1. Obtain advice from the Prevention of Workplace Violence Team Member.
      2. Ensure that any threatening or violent person leaves the work site. If it is possible, attempt to gain the cooperation of the alleged offender to have them leave the work site on their own volition, without the need for Police involvement. If the alleged offender is unwilling to leave and it is not possible to gain their cooperation, or if a criminal act may be involved, then:
        1. Contact the UCR Police Department or, if the threatening behavior occurs off-campus, call the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency.
        2. Advise the person who has been the target of threats or violence not to revisit the scene until the appropriate officials have dealt with the matter.
      3. Determine whether to place the employee (alleged to have made threats or engaged in violent behavior) on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. University management will determine whether this leave will be with or without pay. Before taking this action with respect to ladder rank faculty, consultation with the Executive Vice Chancellor's office is required.
      4. All threats and violent behavior are to be investigated and documented by the Police Department if there are potential criminal issues.
      5. Except as specifically permitted in writing by the UCR Police Department, UCR faculty, staff and students are prohibited from possessing or using weapons or any object as a weapon during the course of UCR employment or in connection with UCR business, or status as a student. (See Penal Code Sections 12020 and 626.10).
      6. No person shall be subjected to criticism, reprisal, or retaliation for good faith reporting pursuant to this policy. This is not intended to prohibit administrative action for those individuals who knowingly make false accusations.
      7. Students who are aware of any threats of violence or violent behavior should report such threats to the UCR Police Department and to the Director of the Student Judicial Affairs.
Academic and Staff Department Heads are responsible for:
    1. Implementing this policy in all work locations within their areas of responsibility.
    2. Informing managers, supervisors and employees of the Zero Tolerance policy and requiring adherence to this policy.
    3. Requiring completion of incident documentation in an accurate and timely manner.
    4. Requiring prompt notification to the appropriate personnel regarding threats and violent behavior including Labor Relations and/or Human Resources; the Employee Assistance Program; the UCR Police Department, or other appropriate enforcement agencies, if off campus; and campus management.
    5. Requiring a full and formal investigation of all reports of threatening or violent behavior.
    6. Requiring supervisors to address performance problems and inappropriate workplace behavior, take the appropriate disciplinary action(s), and refer employees (as appropriate) for professional counseling through the Employee Assistance Program.
    7. Requiring attendance at relevant training regarding violence in the workplace.
All UCR academic and staff employees are responsible for:
    1. Knowing, understanding, and adhering to the standards of this policy. All conduct or"jokes"which involve intimidation and/or threats are inappropriate and will be taken seriously.
    2. Assisting in making the workplace as safe as possible and cooperating in any investigation.
    3. Reporting any perceived violation of this standard to their next-in-line supervisor or an academic administrator who is not a party to the violation.
    4. Employees who are the subject of, or witnesses to, a possible violation of this standard may be required by management to document their experience or observations in order to facilitate the handling of such situations.
The following teams will serve as resources for the UCR campus to assist with policy implementation, training, and advice regarding measures that can be taken to prevent workplace violence. The teams will also provide guidance to departments regarding their responsibilities and assist in the development of a plan of action to manage potential and actual violent conduct. In the event of an emergency, contact UCR PD dispatch @ 9-1-1 or 2-5222 immediately.
For issues involving STAFF, including STUDENT EMPLOYEES, contact:
Labor Relations - Labor Relations Coordinator
Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
On-duty Sergeant or Watch Commander
x 2-3196
(951) 781-0510
x 2-5222
For issues involving FACULTY, contact:
Conflict Resolution - Vice Provost for Conflict Resolution
Faculty & Staff Assistance Program
On-duty Sergeant or Watch Commander
x 2-5034
(951) 781-0510
x 2-5222
For issues involving UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS, contact:
AVC/Dean of Students - Dean of Students
On-duty Sergeant or Watch Commander
x 2-4595
x 2-5222
For issues involving GRADUATE STUDENTS, contact:
Graduate Division
On-duty Sergeant or Watch Commander
x 2-4302
x 2-5222