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Policy Title:                 Reckless Skateboarding/Bicycle Use
Policy Number:          850-11
Responsible Officer:
Vice Chancellor-Business & Administration Services
Responsible Office:
Business & Administration Services
Origination Date:
Date of Revision:
Prohibits the Reckless Use of Wheeled Vehicles on Campus
 I.        Policy Summary
The University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) has a responsibility to prevent and deter behaviors that are likely to cause personal injury, property damage, and/or disrupt university operations. This policy bans reckless skateboarding and bicycle use that endangers safety, university property, or threatens normal campus activities.
II.        Definitions
Reckless Skateboard/Bicycle Use 
In the context of this policy, Reckless Skateboarding/Bicycle Use refers to the use of a wheeled vehicle in a manner that endangers public safety, threatens university property, or disrupts university operations. This use includes, but is not limited to, maneuvers that are aerial or that transition from campus walkways on to stairs, curbs, benches, rails, seating areas, or vice versa, as well as from or to any other elevated constructs. It also includes using skateboards and bicycles in ways that clearly create unsafe conditions (e.g., traveling at unsafe speeds, traversing downhill with no method of stopping, etc.).
III.        Policy
A.   Introduction
The Chancellor, on behalf of The Regents of the University of California  (The Regents) and as authorized under Standing Orders 100.6, is responsible for the organization and operation of the campus, its internal administration, and its discipline. Pursuant to California Vehicle Code (CVC) section 21113(g), the Chancellor, on behalf of The Regents, may adopt rules or regulations to restrict, or specify the conditions for, the use of bicycles, motorized bicycles, skateboards, and roller skates/blades on campus. Moreover, the Chancellor may re-delegate the responsibility for ensuring campus safety as required and appropriate. At UC Riverside, this responsibility has been re-delegated, to the Vice Chancellor of Business & Administrative Services (See Delegation of Authority 0303; Authority to Adopt Traffic Regulations.).
B.   Scope
All students, faculty, staff, and visitors are responsible for observing and adhering to this policy.
IV.        Procedures and Responsibilities
A.   In General
All students, staff, faculty, and campus visitors are required to use wheeled vehicles in a manner that is safe, respects the rights of others, and adheres to applicable California statutes and other related UC and campus policies. Moreover, the reckless use of skateboards and bicycles, as defined in this policy, is not permitted.
Pedestrians have the right of way on sidewalks in the interior of campus. Those individuals using wheeled vehicles are encouraged to walk their wheels in areas of campus where there is high pedestrian traffic.  
B.   Responsibilities
·         Campus Community Members
o       All faculty, staff, students, and visitors to UC Riverside are expected to adhere to this policy and the applicable procedures. All have a collective responsibility to promote the safety and health of the campus community. Effective implementation depends on the respect and cooperation of all members of the University community.
In an ongoing effort to enhance awareness and encourage a culture of compliance, members of the campus community are encouraged to respectfully inform others about this policy.
·         Vice Chancellor of Business and Administrative Services
o      Overall responsibility for the policy to include providing guidance concerning the scope, definitions, requirements, and enforcement.
·        Executive Director of Facilities Services
o      Provide signage on campus regarding the local campus regulation per CVC 21113(g).
·         UC Police Department
o      UC Police Department (UCPD) officers are solely charged with enforcement of this policy by preventing or stopping individuals who are engaged in reckless skateboarding and bicycling activities, as defined in this policy.
o      UCPD may refer UC Riverside student violators to Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs, in the case of UC Riverside faculty and staff, to the appropriate Dean or Department Head. UCPD may advise those not affiliated with UC Riverside to leave the campus per California Penal Code section 626.6.
·         Student Conduct & Academic Integrity Programs
o      Responsibility for administering the student judicial process for students who do not comply with this policy.
·         Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Department Heads
o      Responsibility for ensuring the policy is prominently posted in appropriate public areas across campus and in handbooks and catalogs.
o      Responsibility for ensuring the policy is distributed to all employees and students within their respective areas.
o      Responsibility for ensuring the policy is included in appropriate orientation programs (e.g., new employee orientation, student orientation, etc.).
C.   Noncompliance Protocol 

 Violation of Policy By
Referred To
Faculty Member
Academic Senate
Staff Member/Volunteer
Unit Supervisor
Student Conduct and Academic Integrity Programs/Housing Judicial

V.        Contacts
For comments or questions regarding this policy, members of the campus community and the community at large are encouraged to call the Office of Campus Compliance at 2-8246 or send an email to UCRpolicy@ucr.edu.
VI.        Related Information
·         The Regents of the University of California Standing Orders 100.6
·         California Vehicle Code section 21113(g)
·         California Penal Code section 626.6
·         Delegation of Authority 0303; Authority to Adopt Traffic Regulations
VII.        Frequently Asked Questions
A.   Are we treating skateboarding and bicycling activities like crimes?
Skateboarding and bicycling are not crimes. However, actions that may endanger one’s self or other individuals, damage property, or disrupt the mission of the University are not considered to be harmless activities.
B.   Where can I go to freestyle ride?
Skateboarders can visit http://www.socalskateparks.com/. This site has a list of parks from Santa Barbara to San Diego, including facilities located in the Inland Empire. Locally, those individuals looking to hone their freestyle skateboarding or bicycle stunting skills may visit:
·         City of Riverside:  Bobby Bonds Park at 2060 University Avenue
·         City of Riverside:  Hunt Park at 4015 Jackson Street
·         City of Riverside:  Rancho Jurupa Regional Park at 4810 Pedley Road
·         Moreno Valley: Moreno Valley Skatepark at 15415 6th St.
VIII.        Revision History
This is a new policy. The policy and associated procedures will be reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by a representative of Business and Administrative Services. The Office of Campus Compliance will update this policy and associated procedures to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.