UCR Policies and Procedures

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CampusPolicy Number: 700-15

Commercial Photography on Campus

Policy Owner: University Relations
Effective Date: 10/1/83

  2. The policies and procedures stated below provide the rules and guidelines governing the use of University premises and facilities for photographic purposes intended for commercial applications. In general, there must be no implication of the University's endorsement or approval of a commercial product or service. The terms "photographic" and "film" will, as applicable, include processes and mediums associated with television technology.

    There are no restrictions regarding casual photography on the campus except that there should be no disruption or hazard to normal operations of the campus or any damage to facilities or grounds.

  4. All commercial motion picture film makers using University grounds or facilities must obtain a Location Permit (see Attachment in paper copy of the P&P Manual) prior to the start of filming. Location Permits will be approved and issued by the Vice Chancellor -- Administration. Prior to approval of the Location Permit, a Campus Filming Coordinator (appointed by the Vice Chancellor -- Administration) will be selected and assigned to the project for the duration of the permit.

    1. Campus Filming Coordinator:
    2. The Campus Filming Coordinator will, prior to the approval of the Location Permit, ascertain that the following materials are on file with the Business Services Office.

      • A copy of the script, if applicable, which has been reviewed.
      • A waiver of liability (including evidence of liability insurance with acceptable limits), evidence of ability to pay any costs related to damage, and a statement of responsibility to pay all costs incurred.
      • Evidence of acceptable indemnification agreement.
      • Stated willingness to film within the rules and guidelines of this policy and procedure.
      • A contribution to the UCR scholarship fund, or other designated purpose, amounting to a minimum of $250.00 per day. (The fee may be waived, reduced, or re-directed upon the authority of the Vice Chancellor -- Administration if the film is for educational purposes.)

      Before any filming commences, the Campus Filming Coordinator will also ensure that:

      • The appropriate departments are notified such as the Public Information Office, Physical Plant, Police Department, and the Environmental Health and Safety Office.
      • There shall be no disruption or hazard to normal operations of the campus.
      • There shall be no damage to University facilities or grounds.
      • The script and general purpose of the film shall not detract from the educational or research purposes of the University.

      The cost of any special arrangements necessary, including utility hook-up (which must be accomplished by the UCR Physical Plant Department), crowd or traffic control, special safety precautions, etc., will be charged to the film producer.

  6. Commercial still photographers must obtain approval from the Vice Chancellor -- Administration under the general policies indicated for commercial motion pictures. Simple requests may be handled by telephone.

    News media photographers are not required to obtain approval except for use in advertising. Cameramen may wish to notify the Press Office prior to filming for assistance or information.

    Photographs taken on campus for advertising purposes must be submitted with accompanying caption or copy to the University Relations - Press Office. Film footage taken for advertising purposes must also be submitted to the Press Office for review prior to release.