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Please See UCR Campus P&P Number 450-

Policy Number:         450-25
Policy Title:               Naming of University Properties, Programs, &
Policy Owner:           Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

Effective Date:          09/15/1995
Revision Date:         11/29/2004


The Regents of the University of California retain authority for naming University streets, roads, land reserves, buildings, major portions of buildings, major centers of activities, and other highly visible properties, programs, and facilities. Naming of minor portions of buildings, small outdoor areas, and other minor properties, programs, and facilities may be approved by the Chancellor under DA 2002, dated October 14, 1993 (see University of California Policy on Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities adopted July 16, 1993).

Any proposal for naming any of the entities listed above must be reviewed by the UCR Committee on Naming Campus Properties, Programs, and Facilities before being forwarded by the Chancellor to the Office of the President or to The Regents. Any proposal to name an entity after an individual must also involve consultation with the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate, as set forth under PROCEDURE, below.

Each proposal for naming a project for an individual shall be governed by the following criteria:



    1. No commitment for naming shall be made to a prospective donor of a gift prior to Regental approval of the proposed name; however, in order to enhance negotiations with a prospective donor, tentative approval may be obtained from the President.



    2. In reviewing requests for approval of naming a project for a donor or for a person whose name is proposed by a donor, consideration shall be given to:


      • the significance of the proposed gift as it relates to the realization and/or success of the project or to the enhancement of the project's usefulness to the University.
      • the urgency of need for the project or for support funds for the project;
      • the eminence of the individual whose name is proposed; and
      • the individual's relationship, if any, to the University.


    3. The gift shall be in an amount which will either fund the total cost of the project to be named or provide funding for that portion of the total cost which would not have been available from any other source (such as federal or state loans or appropriations, student fees, bond issues), the latter to constitute a significant portion of the total cost as determined on the merits of each individual case. If a project is funded by several or many private donors, one of whom makes a gift covering a significant portion of the amount needed, consideration may be given to naming the project after that donor.




    1. A proposed honoree shall have achieved great distinction in one or more of the following ways:


      • while serving the University in an academic capacity, demonstrated such high scholarly distinction as to have earned a national or international reputation in the individual's field(s) of specialization;
      • while serving the University in an important administrative capacity, rendered distinguished service to the University warranting recognition of the individual's exceptional contributions to the welfare of the University;
      • although not having served the University as an academician or administrator, contributed in truly exceptional ways to the welfare of the institution or achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition.


    2. If an individual has served the University in an academic or important administration capacity, a proposal shall not be made for naming a project in honor of the individual:


      • prior to or less than one year after retirement, nor while the individual is still involved with the University in a decision-making capacity; or
      • within one year after the person's death.




  1. Proposals for naming properties, programs, or facilities should be submitted to the Chancellor after review by the official (e.g., dean, vice chancellor) responsible for the area in question. Normally, such review will include endorsement by the occupants or potential occupants of a building or facility or by the members of a program.



  2. For such proposals deemed by the Chancellor to have merit based on the above policy, the Chancellor shall seek the advice of the UCR Committee on Naming Campus Properties, Programs, and Facilities. That Committee is composed of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (Chair), the Vice Chancellor for Academic Planning and Budget, the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Physical Resources Planning, the Chair of the Senate Committee on Planning and Budget, the President of the Graduate Student Association of UCR (GSAUCR), the President of the Associated Students of UCR (ASUCR), and the President of the UCR Staff Assembly, and two Deans designated by the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.



  3. If, after review by the UCR Committee on Naming Campus Properties, Programs, and Facilities, the proposal is still deemed by the Chancellor to have merit, and if the proposal involves naming after an individual, the Chancellor shall seek the advice of the Advisory Committee of the Academic Senate.



  4. If the Chancellor's decision is to submit a proposal to the Office of the President or to The Regents, the proposal should include mention of the diversity of views that have been expressed in the advisory process.



  5. When a naming has been approved by the Office of the President or The Regents, the following offices shall be notified of the naming: Office of Architects and Engineering, Institutional Planning and Analysis, Physical Plant, Media Resources (for updating the campus map), the Office of the Registrar (for Schedule and Directory listings), University Relations, Campus Planning, UCR Police (for notifying city and county emergency services), the UCR Fire Marshall, and Material Management (for notifying vendors).



  6. Prior to naming of a building to honor a person, buildings will normally be identified according to function, e.g., Engineering Building.


Other Policy Reference

See OP Policy on Procedures for Submission of Proposals for Naming University Properties, Programs, and Facilities, July 16, 1993