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    Policy Title:               Holiday Season Decorations


    Policy Number:         425-52


    Responsible Officer:

    Emergency Manager

    Responsible Office:

    Office of Emergency Management

    Origination Date:


    Date of Revision:


    Date of Last Review:



    Guidance Concerning Holiday Displays


    I.          Policy  

     During the Holiday Season, the safety rules outlined below should be followed:


                 A.          All decorations of any type must be of non-combustible materials or must be treated chemically to be flame retardant. These include draperies, hangings, wreaths, holiday trees, scenery and all related materials.

                 B.          For a natural tree, be sure it is freshly cut and mounted in a tree stand with water. Keep away from heat sources.

                 C.          Nothing may be placed in the required width of an exit or corridor. An exit includes all aisles, stairways, and doors leading to a public area.

                 D.          Open candles may not be used in any public gathering.

                  E.          Use only grounded and/or UL approved electrical devices and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe operation. Check for frayed cords, loose connections, or cracked wires and sockets. Also, never overload light circuits.

                  F.          Do not use electric lights on metallic trees because they may "short" and could become energized and cause electrical shock.

                 G.          Before leaving the office or building after each work day, be sure to turn off all lights and electrically operated devices. Additionally, before leaving for the holidays, disconnect all electrically energized devices.


    II.       Reference

    ·       Title 19, California Code of Regulations (CCR)

    III.     Revision History

    The policy and associated procedures are reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by the Office of Emergency Management. The Office of Compliance updates this policy and associated procedures to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.