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 Policy Title:                    Email Distribution  

Policy Number:              350-11

Responsible Officer:

Vice Chancellor of University Advancement

Responsible Office:

Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement

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Date of Revision:


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Guidance Concerning Non-Elective Distribution of Campus Email

 I.        Purpose

This document sets forth the procedures of the University of California (UC Riverside) for non-elective distribution of electronic mail (email) to all campus employees. It is intended to define the quantity and content of messages distributed approximately simultaneously to all campus employees using official University electronic channels. Such communications are sent directly as individual messages based on their time-sensitivity, urgency, and applicability to all campus employees. This mechanism may also serve as the means by which notice is deemed to have been communicated to all campus employees for the purpose of statutory compliance.

This policy applies to the following distribution lists:

·     staff@scotmail.ucr.edu

·     faculty@scotmail.ucr.edu

·     ucrfacultyandstaff@scotmail.ucr.edu 

Note:    These procedures do not apply to messages sent to the UC Riverside Academic Senate distribution list or enrolled UC Riverside students. 

II.        Policy and Procedures

          A.      General Email Distribution

Email messages to all employees on campus may only be sent by one of the following entities:

                        1.      Chancellor

                        2.      Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor

·         Information Technology Solutions (system and technology notices)

                        3.      Human Resources

                        4.      Enterprise Risk Management

·         Environmental Health & Safety alerts

·         UC Police Department alerts

                        5.      University Communications

·         University-wide messages on behalf of the UC Office of the President

·         Campus e-news (Inside UCR, UCR Magazine) 

All other campus messages for broad distribution are included in a daily compilation of announcements, currently referred to as “Daily Digest.” 

          B.      Faculty Email Distribution

Units on campus wishing to send messages to all senate faculty members (senate@scotmail.ucr.edu) should contact the Riverside Division of the UC Academic Senate for assistance. These communications are sent at the discretion of the Division Chair. 

          C.      Student Email Distribution

Units on campus wishing to send messages to all enrolled students should contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs. As a “mandatory list,” students@scotmail.ucr.edu may only be used for announcements that are time-sensitive, urgent, or applicable to all recipients. These types of announcement include:

·         Registration process

·         Health Center offerings (e.g.:  immunizations; insurance changes)

·        Service curtailments (e.g.:  campus closures; office closures due to emergencies, repairs, or upgrades; campus wi-fi or internet interruptions; communications systems malfunctions) 

          D.      Email Distribution Within Campus Organizations

The responsible officers of campus organizations may authorize email distribution to employees within their respective organizations. 

III.        References

·      Scotmail Users Guide

·      Scotmail Sending Guide

Note:       These guides are currently under review for revision. 

IV.        Contacts

For guidance regarding this policy contact the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement.


V.        History

This policy supersedes Scotmail Distribution Policies, dated December 8, 2009. It will be reviewed, at a minimum every two years, by a representative of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement. The Office of Campus Compliance updates this policy to reflect changes to related policies or governing standards, regulations, laws, and other such guidance as often as required.