UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 300-70

Space Inventory

Policy Owner:Institutional Planning & Analysis
Effective Date:6/1/83

Institutional Planning and Analysis maintains a complete room-by-room inventory of all University space on campus. This inventory is updated twice a year. Spring updates are completed from data available in the Budget and Planning Office. Data for the Fall updates are collected from the using departments each October.

  2. In September of each year, Institutional Planning and Analysis sends a copy of the Spring FDX100A - D1A (Individual Rooms by Department) to each unit. Units are asked to note any changes and to return the report to the Budget and Planning Office. Room classifications and assignment should reflect the room use at the end of the third week of instruction for the Fall and Spring quarters. An excerpt from the Facilities Manual, listing type of room classification and definitions, has been distributed to each unit for reference. Extra copies are available upon request.