UCR Policies and Procedures

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Policy Title:                 Travel – Policy, Regulations, and Procedures
Policy Number:           900-20
Responsible Officer:
Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Services
Responsible Office:
Accounting Office
Origination Date:
Date of Revision:
Date of Last Review:
University Travel Guidance
 I.         Policy and Procedures Overview
The policy and regulations governing official University travel are provided in the University of California (UC) Business & Finance Bulletin G-28: Travel Regulations (G-28). Please refer to G-28 for general and specific policy guidance. The fundamental elements of the policy are contained in Section III of G-28. This policy applies to all official UC travel, including travel funded under grants and contracts. This UC Riverside policy implements campus-wide procedures in support of G-28.
II.         Definitions and Roles
Please refer to Section II of G-28 for in-depth definitions of terms and roles.
III.        Background and Related References
Please refer to Section I of G-28 Section I for a list of related system-wide policy references.
 Related UCR Policies and Procedures:
IV.        Policy and Quick Links
Please refer to Section IIIG-28 Section III for the fundamental elements of the system-wide travel policy.
Please refer to the following sites for additional information:
V.        Campus Implementing Procedures and Programs
A.   Travel Planning and Management
1.    System-Wide CONNEXUS Program for Travel Planning
University business travelers are strongly encouraged to purchase travel services, when available, from Preferred Suppliers with whom the University has strategic and collaborative sourcing primary agreements. Preferred Suppliers deliver competitive value in the range of services required by University travelers. Such Suppliers include airlines, car rental agencies, hotels, travel agencies, and online booking providers. Although it might be possible to obtain a lower cost from nonparticipating suppliers, use of Preferred Suppliers should, on average and over time, reduce the University's overall travel costs and provide the best value to the traveler.
CONNEXXUS is the system-wide travel management program. One aspect of the program is a secure web portal which provides options ranging from full travel agent assistance to online booking, and use of the Preferred Supplier services and contracts.
For more information about Connexxus and the preferred suppliers, including airlines, hotels, car rental agencies, and travel agencies, visit the online travel portal at https://travel.ucop.edu/connexxus/.
2.    UCR iTravel System for Travel Planning and Expense Reporting
The UCR iTravel System is a comprehensive and flexible web-based system. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of campus departments. It also serve to enhance compliance with University travel policy, especially regarding required authorizations.
The standard processing time for a trip reimbursement is 7-10 business days from the date of receipt in the Accounting Office iTravel System queue.
For more information on the iTravel system, visit http://cnc.ucr.edu/travel/.
B.   Roles and Responsibilities
The roles and responsibilities for the travel planning and reporting processes at UC Riverside are outlined in the campus iTravel Stem User Guides.
VI.        Exception Process
The conditions under which exceptions to the policy can be approved are outlined in Section III-F of G-28. Exceptions may be authorized in writing by the Chancellor or his or her designee. Any re-delegation of such authority by the Chancellor to a designee must be made in writing. 
At UC Riverside, the Chancellor has re-delegated this authority to the college Deans and Vice Chancellors for their respective organizational units (See the campus database for a current listing of re-delegations.)
VII.   Frequently Asked Questions
See http://cnc.ucr.edu/travel/faq/html.