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Campus Policy Number: 750-18

Fabricated Equipment - Purchase and Management of
Policy Owner: Equipment Management
Effective Date: 12/01/2004

  2. Any department that has decided to fabricate an inventorial equipment item (valued in excess of $5,000) shall notify the Equipment Management Office by submitting a "memo of intent to fabricate." The memo of intent must include the following information:

    1. A complete as possible description of the equipment to be fabricated.
    2. Estimated costs:
      • Labor
      • Material
      • Supplies
      • Equipment components
    3. Estimated completion date.

    Equipment Management will assign a control number to the fabrication and this control number must be referenced in all subsequent requisitions, paperwork and communications.

    Departments are to use Account Number 803160 specifically designated for fabrications (costs to be excluded from overhead).

    Departments doing fabrications under $5000 will use S&E funds.

    An "Equipment Inventory Modification Request" (EIMR), is available at at http://www.purchasing.ucr.edu/forms/eimr_form2.doc (or equivalent document) must be prepared by the department as soon as possible after completion of the fabrication. The EIMR is to include:

    • Fabrication Control Number.
    • Complete Equipment Description.
    • Location of Equipment.
    • Account Number.
    • Four-digit Custody Code Number (code of department having custodial responsibility).
    • Cost assigned to the equipment is the total of all materials, supplies, and services, from outside vendors or authorized recharge activities. For capitalization purposes, departmental labor, and travel, payroll expenses and overhead must not be considered part of the cost of acquiring a fabricated asset. (See Accounting Manual P-415-32).
    1. "Memo of Intent" ‑‑ A department that has decided to fabricate an inventorial equipment item will submit a memo of intent to fabricate to the Equipment Management Office, including a complete description of the equipment to be fabricated, location, department name, custodial code and completion date.
    2. Equipment Management will review the memo of intent and, if appropriate, will assign a fabrication control number to the memo. A copy of the memo with the control number will be returned to the department, and this control number must be used in all paperwork and communications pertinent to the fabricated equipment. For instance, in ordering supplies, materials and/or components for the fabrication, the control number must be included in the "purpose or use" portion of the purchase requisition.
    3. After completion of the fabrication, the department must prepare an EIMR or equivalent, providing the information specified in the Fabrication Policy (Section A), and forward it to the Equipment Management Office. Equipment Management, after receiving the EIMR, (or equivalent document) will assign a University property number to the fabricated equipment if one had not been assigned previously, and the item will be recorded on the custodial department's equipment inventory.