UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 650-65

Retirement - Student Exclusion From

Policy Owner: Accounting Office
Effective Date: 2/1/83

All persons enrolled in the University primarily for the purpose of study and who are employed on a part-time basis (less than l00%), are exempt from membership in the university of California Retirement System.

  1. Students who are employed 100% time during the summer only and who work less than 100% time during the regular term are considered to be part-time employees and are excluded from UCRS.
  2. This information should be entered on the Personnel Action Form (PAF). A statement should be made in the remarks area that the employee is a student and employed for 100% only during the summer months.

  3. A student who holds a full time position or a combination of positions totaling 100% time, for a year or longer, is not considered to be enrolled primarily for the purpose of study and will not be excluded from UCRS.
  4. An employee who is a member of UCRS who changes from non-student to student status shall continue to be a member. Once an employee has become a member of UCRS, the employee shall continue to be a member unless there is a break in service.

Questions should be referred to the Accounting Office, Payroll Section, extension 3308, or the Personnel Office, extension 4766.