UCR Policies and Procedures

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This policy has been rescinded and is scheduled for deletion.

See Campus Policy:  200-50; Cost Transfers.


Campus Policy Number: 200-68

Payroll Expense Transfers (Recharging Salaries)

Policy Owner: Accounting Office (Payroll)
Effective Date:9/15/95


    The following Payroll Expenditure Transfer forms are available in the Storehouse for use to transfer payroll expenditures. Always keep in mind these are transfers of expenses and not transfers of funds.


    1. Payroll Expenditure Single Transfer (UPAY 773)



    2. Payroll Expenditure Mass Transfer (UPAY 774)



    3. Payroll Expenditure Transfer (UPAY 646)



    In order to complete any payroll expenditure transfer form, a Distribution of Payroll Expenditure Report (DOPE) is required. The following information should be copied from the DOPE.

    • Employee ID and Employee Name
    • ET MO (Expenditure Transfer Month - Fiscal Year and Fiscal Month)
    • ET PG (Expenditure Transfer Page - 5 digit page number)
    • ET LN (Expenditure Transfer Line Number(s) - 2 digits)
    • Transfer from(Credit) - Loc/Account/Cost Center/Fund/Project Code/Sub
    • Original Gross Earnings
    • S (Sign : indicate (-) if amount on DOPE is negative)
    • Original Benefits (Total Benefits)
    • S (Sign : indicate (-) if amount on DOPE is negative)

    The following information is required from you.

    • Transfer To (Debit) - Loc/Account/Cost Center/Fund/Project Code/Sub
    • Transfer Gross Earnings (Amount you want to transfer)
    • S (Sign: indicate (-) if amount on DOPE is negative)
    • RC (Reason Code - obtained from the form)

    The following may be completed if known

    • Pay Period End (copy from the DOPE)
    • Hours/% To Transfer
    • Override Employee ID (EDB) - Required only for employees with new ID numbers


      • Payroll Expenditure Single Transfer Form (UPAY 773)
      • Payroll Expenditure Mass Transfer Form (UPAY 774)
      • Payroll Expenditure Transfer Form (UPAY 646)

      Please use this form when making single transfers within the last 12 months. This form uses an automated process that looks at historical data. Our file that contains historical expenditure data is only kept for the last 12 months. Any payroll transfers prior to the last 12 months can only be processed with a payroll expenditure transfer form (UPAY 646).


      Use this form only when making mass transfers within the last 12 months. This form works like the single transfer described above except for the number of lines being requested to be transferred. This form will allow you to transfer only consecutive lines in the same page or pages. For example, you can transfer lines 01 thru 09. You cannot transfer line 01, 04, 06, and 08. Individual lines like these have to processed through a single transfer form (UPAY 773). Any payroll transfers prior to the last 12 months can only be processed with a payroll expenditure transfer form (UPAY 646).


      Pick up all information needed to complete the transfer from the Distribution of Payroll Expense Report (DOPE). For each transfer, the original gross pay and benefit charges must be specified with the amount to be transferred. The system will compute the amount of each benefit to be transferred.

      Multiple transfers from the same distribution entry can be made. Gross pay and benefit transfers result in credits to the "from" account and debits to the"to' account.

      Refer to Section V-A - Payroll Expenditure Transfers in the Payroll Personnel System Departmental Procedures Manual for specific instructions and information on how to complete a UPAY 646.


    After completion, sign and date the forms and forward them to the Payroll Office for processing. Any transfers to and from Federal Contracts and Grants must be approved by the Principal Investigator. A duplicate copy or photo copy should be kept at the department.

    Changes must be made on the Personnel Action Form (PAF) to support all adjustments except for one-time transactions. Departmental time records must support and justify these one-time transfers. Complete justification for each transfer of payroll expense must be recorded in the space provided on the form.